The WPBO is reminding everyone that chinstraps are mandatory. The WPBO states that, “…goggles must meet or exceed EC & ASTM Standards. Among other things, the EC & ASTM Standards outline the mandatory use of the chin strap for safety reasons. In order to make this part of the Rules clear for everyone, we remind all the players that using EC & ASTM approved goggles fitted with the manufacturer’s chin strap is mandatory.” That is the first…

New WPBO sample layouts! Looks like someone really let loose with the layout planner. Everything in general looks ok but look at the snake side! Sure they are just samples and the WPBO will probably not choose them, but why make them so gnarly?

In a not so surprising move (for those who follow the world of  tournament paintball) the Millennium has made the switch to the WBPO 500 format. Last year the Millennium Series introduced us to the idea of M500 which has now morphed into WPBO 500. It’s pretty simple, every player gets 560 paintballs, one 280 round loader, and two 140 round pods. Once on the field players can trade pods and divide the paintballs up…

This isn’t the first time we have heard the limited paintball idea in the last few years. Last year at both a Millennium Series and an NXL a test tournament was run to try out the new format. Apparently the WPBO was happy with what the say and will be looking at making 500 limited paintballs the new normal in 2017. This is not the first time that limited paint has been used to reduce the overall cost of…

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