World Cup


The end of the tournament paintball season is nearing; just as with every year the end of the national tournament season ends with one grand event in Florida. World Cup is the event that everyone remembers, until the start of next season. The team that wins World Cup is often seen as the best team in paintball. The same should be true this year, so who do we think are the top dawgs going into World Cup?

The Millennium Series have the 1 on 1 tournament, now the NXL is following up with its own side event. The NXL is marketing the 2-man event as amateur and keeping in to players ranked division 2 and lower, so you won’t have to face off against Nick Leival and Justin Cornell. Up to three players are allowed on each team. All games will be held Sunday the 6th at the World Cup venue and entry…

As the weather cools here in the Northern Hemisphere that means one thing to us paintball players….the end of the paintball season and with that comes the Millennium and NXL World Cups. Yeah, there are still two “World Cups”. Here is the layout for the Millennium Series World Championship in Chantilly France On a side note after the Trevor Resar fiasco the NXL put out the following statement “….We will be doing something different with the W for…

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