The WCPPL went crazy on with their layout for the upcoming Beach City Classic! The WCPPL announced late last year that they would be bringing back the carwash, and at the time I was a bit confused on how the layout was going to be used. The confusion has ended and a love it! I love the creativity and the change from the norm. The WCPPL is going to be a blood bath!

For those of you who miss the days of hiding behind a massive tube thingy, rejoice! The West Coast Paintball Player League (WCPPL) are bringing back the carwash. The carwash used to be a mainstay on every tournament paintball field. The original version started out on 10-man fields and literally looked like the entrance to a carwash, much like the snake used to look like an actual snake. Over time the carwash shrunk to about 4 feet tall, 12…

The WCPPL is gearing up for Las Vegas! If you haven’t heard of the WCPPL, you have been under a rock or living on the East Coast. The WCPPL is the largest regional tournament series in the US, the WCPPL regularly gets over 80 teams. Earlier in the year we talked about the WCPPL and the possibly of them becoming an official NXL affiliate, they declined, hence the use of sticking with the old Race2 bunkers.

Over the past few weeks we have heard rumblings that the WCPPL are looking to run a stand alone event in Chicago later in the year. This would be a big move for the WCPPL as they have been a West Coast only league since their inception in 2009. This past month, the WCPPL were being pressured by the NXL to join as there West Coast affiliate. They declined the offer and thus the PCPL was created by…

If you are not from the West Coast it is possible that you haven’t heard of the WCPPL (West Coast Paintball Players League).  The WCPPL is beloved by everyone that has played one of it’s events, they are well run, cheap entry and prizes are always solid. About 2 months ago the NXL approached the WCPPL to be there sole affiliate on the West Coast, the WCPPL declined the offer. Thus earlier this week the…

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