Virtue VIO XS


The Virtue VIO XS marks Virtue’s third rendition of the Virtue VIO. The VIO XS is a rendition or a redesign of the original VIO Contour. The Virtue VIO XS use the same lens, goggle frame, strap and ears that are found of the VIO Contour. So what’s the point? Since the mask isn’t all that different, this will be more of an overview and not a review in the typical sense. If you want…

We don’t know a ton about the Virtue Vio XS yet. The Vio XS looks like a combination of the Virtue Vio Extends and the VIO Contour. They will sell for $140 and at the time of release will only be available in the the crystal colors shown above. We have also been told they are sized in-between the Vio Extend and the Vio Contour. I’m not to keen on the look of the clear-ish style…

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