Virtue VIO Ascend


m a sucker for a good deal. I love the mid-range paintball guns like the Empire Axe and the Planet Eclipse Gtek, so naturally, I was thrilled when Virtue announced the Vio Ascend. There is just something about getting a good deal that I love. Maybe it is that I don’t take care of things well, and if it is a bit cheaper I don’t feel as bad about it. Or maybe I’m just cheap….…

Fresh off the heels of releasing the VIO XS, Virtue just debuted the VIO Ascend. The Ascend will be Virtue’s first venture into the mid-range mask market or anything mid-range for that matter. The Ascend will retail for $84.95 and at release come in 6 colors: Black, Charcoal, Red, Blue, Olive and FDE (tan). Look for the Ascend to hit store mid November. Unlike its counter parts the VIO Contour, XS and Extends the Ascend…

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