▪ Jesse Vanderpool4 – why do you think no one has brought a smaller motorized hopper to the market? for pump players etc. I’ve met plenty of people that would buy one including myself. They have! (kinda). There have been a few people that have designed shells that take existing electronic hopper internals and turn them into small, pump hoppers. Shoe Loader – goo.gl/fFq9bn Inception Designs Pico – goo.gl/Fxcqro ▪ J Will – PBQT: What…

Dye excited everyone on the internet last night with their new Dye Throttle UL compressed air tank. Dye is calming that the tank “the lightest mid-size tank in the world”. The 1.2L (73ci) tank comes in at 1.56 lbs, thats light but we don’t know if that is with or without a regulator It is also rumored that the bottle will be consorted on carbon fiber and stainless steel. Stainless steel would be a pretty…

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