Spire III


The PBRML Spire III Review! What happened to the Spire II? I don’t know. More details have emerged on the Spire III from Virtue. The Spire III will still use the same basic design that the original Spire used. From reading the new features the loader looks to be a big improvement over the original. New Features: LED Reload Indicator – A built in spring ramp helps the loader know when it is low on…

Virtue Spire III Details Chris Williams of Virtue Paintball posted a quick video today on PBNation showing off the new Virtue Spire. Williams had this to say – It’s significantly faster, although the most important consideration for us was no jamming, soft on paint and reliable. If you’re after speed, you’d definitely be happy though. The Spire has been out for quite a long time and it looks like it is time for a refresh.…

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