San Diego Dynasty


In a rematch of the NXL Las Vegas finals last year, Dynasty have beaten resign World Champs Edmonton Impact. NXL Las Vegas Results Pro – San Diego Dynasty Semi-Pro – Sacramento DMG D2 – Plumlife D3 – Utah Tropics D4 – Sacramento DMG GOLD 10 Man – San Diego Aftermath 5 Man Mechanical – The eNMEy Pump – Dirt Bags

A sad day for paintball, but a day that was on the horizon. Oliver retiring seemed inevitable, he started missing practices and has missed an event or two over the last few years. Oliver will forever be remember as one of the most influential paintball players ever to live. He and San Diego Dynasty changed the way the game was played, and he will go down as one of the best.

I’m not even going to try and explain the difference between all the Bob Long guns over the past few years, mainly because I can’t. It has gotten so confusing that I’m lost on the differences. HK Army has purchased the exclusive rights to the Bob Long VCOM/Marq. HK Army will now be the sole distributor for the Marq series of paintball guns. Rumor is that HK Army will be doing everything: manufacturing, assembling, servicing and shipping the…

Dalton Vanderbyl has moved to the beast in the north. Vanderbyl started his professional paintball career on San Diego Aftermath, Aftermath was a power house team that brought up players like: Vanderbyl, Alex Goldman, Marcelo Margott, Raney Stanczak and Bobby Aviles. Playing on Aftermath, Vanderbyl was around the Dynasty player a lot, so joining the team in 2011 was a natural fit. Vanderbyl though never really found his place on the team filled with superstars. Yeah, he would have some good…