Ranger Warsaw


Ranger Warsaw are gearing up for their 2016 season start, in the Semi-Pro 1 division of the Millennium series. Last Month Ranger’s made a huge off-season pickup nabbing Marcello Margott. Love these guns, they really remind me of the Impact CS1 and Geo 3.5, with their huge graphics and clean colors.

Ranger Warsaw just added a VERY good piece to their struggling roster, Marcello Margott. Marcello will undoubtedly be the best player on the Ranger’s not that it should be a surprised he would be the best player on most rosters. The Rangers currently play in the SPL1 (Semi-professional Paintball League 1) in the Millennium series. Coming off their worst year, since the team went Semi-pro in 2010 Marcello will be a welcome addition, but on the…