Push Paintball


Another new mask…..this time from the Push Paintball. Push Paintball was started by paintball old timers Mark Knop and Brian Benini. The Untie mask will be shown off at World Cup, but will not go on sale until after the start of the new year. We  are looking forward to seeing what the company has to offer and get our hands on the mask! UPDATE: 10-22-16 Real pictures!

Paintball legends Mark Knop and Brian Benini are stating a new paintball company. So far they have produced a gear bag and a very clever marker bag that has magnetic spots to keep your screws in place when you are using it as a tech mat! Along with the gearbag and gun bag Push Paintball will also be showing off a new paintball mask in October. Knop and Banin have both been in paintball a very…