Pro paintball


www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yt5k6solziE HK Army Pro Tour is underway. The HK Army Pro Tour is a new 1v1 pro paintball league. The league got started on Christmas day with an exhibition between Tyler Harmon and Kyle Spicka. The day was seen as a test, the guys wanted to test out gameplay, camera, and a few other things. This is what I think. This is the 3rd pro paintball league that is expected the launch in 2019. The…

Last weeks paintball news. ◼️ HK Army Barrel Camera Mount – HK Army have released a barrel mount for GoPro cameras, or camera that use the GoPro mount system. The mount, works very similar to the original GoPro handle bar mount, but it is much smaller and made completely of aluminum. They come in five colors and are $29.95. ◼️ NXL Europe Basildon – In the UK we say another win by the Canadian team…

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