Planet Eclpse


I’ve had this thing for a while, not like a month a while, and we are finally going to talk about it. The EMek, the Emek is Planet Eclipse entry-level/field level paintball marker. It has the ever so popular Gamma Core and is designed for new players and fields. Based on the Etha 2 the maker reliable, durable, efficient and the shot quality is stellar. What makes the Planet Eclipse Emek so great is that…

Expanding on their Program range of lightweight playing gear, Planet Eclipse has released a new lightweight jersey. The Rain jersey is a pad free, breathable paintball jersey. Nothing really major to report here, its just an inexpensive paintball jersey. They should hit store next weekend and sell for $49.95.

After nearly 5 years the Planet Eclipse Etha is getting an update, and an update it is. The Difference between the Etha and the Etha 2 are striking, they look very different. The Etha 2 looks to be a hose-less spool valve design, something that Planet Eclipse has reserved for only their highest end paintball gun the CS1. The Etha 2 also looks like it will be made almost completely from nylon, the trigger frame,…

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