Planet Eclispe


The HDE ‘CR’ (Combat Ready) Camo Jersey is designed for optimal breathability making it perfect for use under tactical vests. Customize and rep your team with the prime hook and loop patch placements on the arms. The CR Jersey is made with a unique anti-snag material to reduce pack rash and prolong the life of your jersey. The color, tone and visual disruption in the Eclipse HDE camouflage pattern allow you to blend more effectively into…

The Planet Eclipse FL barrel is officially  real, well at least you can buy it separate from the CSR and LVR. The FL barrel is the amazing barrel kit that comes on Planet Eclipse’s limited edition CSR and LVR paintball guns. The FL barrel kit was made in collaboration with famous carbon fiber barrel manufacture Deadlywind. The FL barrel has an overall length of 14.5in, 8in aluminum control backs that thread into a carbon fiber tip. Backs will come in…

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