planet eclipse


The milling on this thing is top-notch, some of the best I’ve seen on any gun lately. It’s got a unique look, with their signature skull at the back that fits the gun perfectly. These are listed on the Infamous website for $2,000, but that might be a temporary price. At the World Cup, lots of people were grabbing these because they look fantastic. There are five colors, but some are part-swapped. I think the black one will be the most popular because it shows off the milling the best.

The paintball world offers great options for players. Planet Eclipse’s Emek, under $300, uses the GammaCore for reliability and quiet shots. Tippmann’s Stormer combines toughness and customization. Empire’s Mini GS is perfect for beginners, with compact size, reliability, and solid performance.

If you ask me, the CS3 is one of the best high-end guns ever made. However, it comes with a hefty price tag of $1,750. Like most high-end guns, It includes an electronic frame, but for an extra $400, you can switch it to a mechanical frame, which brings the total cost to a staggering $2,150. The question is, does adding a mechanical frame to the best high-end electronic gun really make it the best mechanical gun?

This Project GS3 reminds me a lot of the Planet Eclipse GSL, which was based on the Geo 3.5. It looks really cool, many companies have been trying to make a similar-looking gun for a long time. Finally, they did it, and it comes in ten different colors. I really like the black one the most, but the green one is nice too.

Have you heard about the latest gun from Planet Eclipse the CS3? It’s been out for a few months now. One thing I like about these CS cases is how cool they look. The CS3’s mechanical frame comes with its case. Currently, I’ve stowed the electronic frame inside it. I love this color. Black with blue parts looks fantastic. The factory color is blue with gray parts, but we did a part swap, resulting in…

Here you will find all the paintball guns that I like in every category, from beginner guns to magazine fed. All of these I have used and most of the I have reviewed for my YouTube channel. Best beginner gun for more peopleBest tournament paintball gunBest mag-fed paintball gunBest mechanical paintball gunSome more great paintball guns Best beginner gun for more people Planet Eclipse EMek Planet Eclipse introduced the word the GammaCore bolt system in…