Planet Eclipse CS2


youtu.be/Dkc9mAh152Q It’s a question that I get often “What’s the between the CS2 and the 170R”. Both of the Planet Eclipse markers are fantastic, but differ in price wildly, so what is the difference and is the CS2 with the extra $500? Let’s take a look at which marker is best in these 11 different categories: Accuracy, Shot Quality, Kick, Efficiency, Upgradability, Build Quality, User Frindelss, Egonicmis, Features, and Price. Whoever has the most points…

Without question, the hottest gun on the face of the earth is the CS2 and I have finally gotten my hands on one for a proper review. The CS2 is replacing the super popular CS1. The CS1 did draw a lot of mixed reacting out of people though, some loved it and others hated it. It was a great gun, it was just a little larger than people were used to, with the CS2 the idea was to fix the ergonomics complaints as well as add some features from other Planet Eclipse guns.

Last weeks paintball news ▪ AC Dallas Add Brandon Rabackoff – AC Dallas with the addition of Rab, will have 8 players, so he he helping add some much need deepth to the team. Even if he doesn’t seem the field to much, he will be there to help fill in when the time is needed. ▪ BKI Summer Camp – Players will go through, drills, field walking, watching film, all kinds of paintball knowledge.…

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