For as long as I can remember (only a few years back) World Cup Asia has been held on the island of Langkawi off the coast of Northern Malaysia. This year the event is moving the capital city, Kuala Lumpur on October 21st – 23rd. This isn’t the firs time paintball has been played in Kuala Lumpur there have been PALS events in the past. For the first time in as may years as I can…

New WPBO sample layouts! Looks like someone really let loose with the layout planner. Everything in general looks ok but look at the snake side! Sure they are just samples and the WPBO will probably not choose them, but why make them so gnarly?

In an effort to unify paintball around the world, the WPBO released the new “W” bunker replacing the Race in the NXL, the M in the Millennium and the A for the PALS. So far there been virtually nothing but hate and disdain for the new monstrosity, it is a huge waste of space. The idea behind its hugeness is that it will better aid in making the points 5 on 5, and not getting players…

It appears that the NXL and its WPBO partners the Millennium Series and PALS will be adding some new larger bunkers of the upcoming 2016 season. The biggest thing about the new field and upgrade kit, the 6 new big bunkers… they are designed and will be placed on field to stop everyone from being killed off the break… this will allow more people to be able to play the game and not have to me 18…

Nations Cup RaceTo-4 1- USA 2- France 3- Belgium 4- South Africa Division 1 RaceTo-4 1- AISAWAN 2- Cobra Kai 3- KTM Nemesis Legion 4- Infernal Division 2 RaceTo-3 1- Inception Aisawan 2- SPEED 3- Lost Votolocos 4- PC Gridlock Division 3 RaceTo-2 1- Imperia 2- Outlaws Uprising 3- Ariyaman Ladies 4- SPEED Overshoot Division 4 RaceTo-1 1- WTF Dragonflyz 2- MPJBT TIGERS 3- RWD Jogja 4- MPPP Resistance

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