Paintball Podcast


The third installment of The Paintball Podcast is here, sit down with Mike Zap as he interviews Dave and Eddie Painter of Upton 187 cRew. 187 cRew are on the rise, coming into their 5th year playing professionally they are a team to watch. Dave Painter a veteran to the industry talks 187, foXball, and Fox4Paintball. Check out the all the episodes - SoundCloud, Itunes or RSS

A new podcast hit the internet a few days ag,o and good for us it’s called. The Paintball Podcast. Something that we have been missing for a long time is a podcast for paintball. For a short period of time there was Paintball Access but with the fall of the PSP, Paintball Access went along with it. The Paintball Podcast, is also supported by a league but this time, the NXL. We are also hoping…

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