Millennium Series


NXL Buying Millennium Series – It has been ruined for a few months now, but after talking with someone on the inside, the purchase is going to happen. No concert rules, location and changes to the league have been decided. Planet Eclipse Etha 2 HDE Urban – The super popular Planet Eclipse Etha 2 has a new colors: HDE Urban. Valken Phantom Agility Gloves – Valken running on my hype of lightweight gloves, are coming…

The Mediterranean Cup just wrapped up in the South of France, and Impact have taken home yet another Pro victory. Impact faced up against the TonTons in the finals, and ended up easily taking the victory 6-1. Results: CPL 1st Edmonton Impact 2nd Toulouse Tontons 3rd Breakout Spa SPL 1st Expendables Feilding (Dynasty) Division 1 Droogs Frankfurt 2 Division 2 Galapagos Tortugas Division 3 Paintball Family Puget Division 4 Ratpasse Marseille

Archie Montemayor paintball super star will be leaving his Belgium team and Joining, French team TontTon Flingueur (I don’t think they use the Flingueur part anymore, but they should). The move to the TonTons will only be for the Millennium Series in Europe; Montemayor will still be playing with San Antonio X-Factor in the states. Montemayor moves to the TonTons is likely because Alexander Berdnikov will be playing with Russian Legion in the CPL (Champions Paintball League).…

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