The GI Sportz LVL hopper will retail $154.95 and come in four colors: black with red, lime, grey, or white accents. The new hopper will be available at retailers starting in late October. If you are lucky enough to be attending the NXL World Cup, I bet you can try and snag one, as they will be showing the loader off at the tournament. Love the price point, the industry has been missing a mid-rangish hopper…

About two weeks ago the rumors started hitting the internet about GI Sportz new hopper the LVL. The LVL Is GI Sportz most recent attempt a high-end paintball hopper, the LVL is coming on the heels of the utter failure of the Pulse RDR. The Pulse RDR never got off the ground, it was hard to get a hold of and was never manufactured in numbers that made it obtainable by the average player. Yesterday we…

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