The new JT Proshield is back…. The 2017 JT Proshield is almost ready to ship, dealers should start getting their deliveries toward the end of February. The Proshield is a paintball mask that has been around for nearly 20 years, but this is the first change to the mask that we have ever seen. The mask isn’t anything revolutionary, but it will be a great buy. The 2017 Proshield will use Spectra lens and has the same…

JT Proflex fan rejoice! JT is coming at you with some new Spectra thermal lens for 2016. All lenses use a new method of sealing the lens together, so they should be more durable than previous Spectra lens. New colors are Hi-Def (looks like current Lava lens), Rector Yellow and Fluorite (Blue/Purple). Prices will be $29.95 and they should start showing up at stores in mid May.