HK Army


One noticeable feature of the Sonic is the sensor in the breech. When the sensor is in a resting position, the hopper doesn’t feed. When a ball passes over and moves the paddle down, the loader knows you’re shooting and starts feeding.

HK Army make some of the best paintball bags and rolling gear bags you can buy and yes they are for sure worth it. HK Army bags in are made very well. They use high-quality durable fabrics, great zippers and the sticking is great. It’s worth asking yourself if you need a rolling gear bag or if a smaller bag like the HK Army Expand bag would work. I’ve been playing paintball for over 20…

The HK Army is HK’s follow up to the very popular KLR. The KLR has been on the market for a long time, so HK are hitting us with something fresh the SLR. The SLR features a new larger profiles, magnetic chinstrap

HK Army out of all the paintball companies offer the largest selection of paintball pants. HK have their HSTL pants that are a budget minded padded pant, the Hardline a high-end padded pant, Freelines which are also high-end but only have slight padding, TRK pants are even lighter than the Freeline and have no padding, and finally we have the new TRK Air pants HK’s lightest pant. The TKR Air shares the same shape as…

On the each side of the backpack there are two two zipper pockets, two have MOLLE while the others have a velcro patch area. The main entry in on the top like a duffle bag. The inside of the bag has a compartment designed to hold a paintball marker. The area is large enough you could likely put two markers in there, maybe separating them with a microfiber towel. On one end there is a large microfiber lined mask compartment that is big enough to fit any mask.