Buying a paintball harness or pack is pretty straight forward you only need to think about a few things: if you want strapless or strapped, how many pods you want to carry and what brand you like. So you deiced that you want a strapless pack, that holds 4 pods, great! Looking at the harness online from Virtue, Empire, HK Army, Dye, or whomever and non of them have sizes? How do you know if they fit? This chart thats how!

HK Army have been making paintball harnesses for a long time, they have the Eject, HSTL, MagTek and Zero G harnesses. The Eject was the first HK harness it’s a standard high-end to mid-range harness, the HSTL line is the value harness that starts at only $40, the MagTek is a high-end strapped harness that uses magnets to keep the flaps on the harness up rather than Velcro and the Zero G a high-end strapless harness.

HK Army already have the most popular strapless harness in paintball in the Zero-G Harness, now with the addition of the Zero-G harness, HK Army are sure to maintain there top spot. Now the new Zero-G 2.0 harness will also features those belt improvements, from looking at the pack it also looks like the pod holders have been changed around a bit. Review coming soon!

www.youtube.com/watch?v=06jwxrdz9IE HK Army have just released another high-end pack to accompany the strapless Zero-G harness. The Magtek harness, is a most senses of the word a traditional paintball pack. The big deal is that it uses magnetic instead of velcro to hold the pod flaps closed. It is designed to hold 11 pods, comes in three colors: red, blue and black and sells for $80. What the whole stream ▶️ www.youtube.com/watch?v=_lVI6pXdn2g —My Paintball Gear— Planet…

www.youtube.com/watch?v=0H2nnKwXnTQ By no means are strapless paintball packs a new thing, they go all the way back to the JT Slammer Pack from early 2000s and a little later on Empire tried their hand at it with the Empire Fast Pack. At the time though neither of them caught on, even all these years later they still haven’t totally caught on. With companies like Carbon Paintball and Bunker Kings making exclusively strapless packs, the momentum…

The Carbon CC Harness is going to be Carbon’s least expensive paintball pod pack, and it is part of their new CC line. The CC line includes pants, knee pads, and gloves, that are all designed to fit into a more traditional pricing structure. If you want a lightweight, strapless, high-quality harness get the CC harness. I do like it much more than the SC Harness, I think that the different belt materials improve the…

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