Another new mask…..this time from the Push Paintball. Push Paintball was started by paintball old timers Mark Knop and Brian Benini. The Untie mask will be shown off at World Cup, but will not go on sale until after the start of the new year. We  are looking forward to seeing what the company has to offer and get our hands on the mask! UPDATE: 10-22-16 Real pictures!

It’s here, just as Dye promised. TheeVoke is the news, so let’s cover that first. What is theeVoke? The eVoke is an ear piece that when connected to your M2 MOSAir (more on this in another post) will tell you in-game information and help you run drills. In-game information will be: game timer, shot count and g-count by tapping a button (I’m guessing on the unit itself, on the inside of your mask? odd). In…

JT Proflex fan rejoice! JT is coming at you with some new Spectra thermal lens for 2016. All lenses use a new method of sealing the lens together, so they should be more durable than previous Spectra lens. New colors are Hi-Def (looks like current Lava lens), Rector Yellow and Fluorite (Blue/Purple). Prices will be $29.95 and they should start showing up at stores in mid May.