First, this is not the type of product that will get the average paintball player excited. The Dye SE, is an entry level mask that is aimed at the new paintball player. The SE will come in two versions, a single pane lens for $24.95, and a thermal lens version for $34.95. As the market is right now there is one mask that dominates the entry level market, the Empire Helix. The Helix, like the Dye…

A new JT ProFlex is on the horizon. The JT ProFlex in it’s current form has been around for nearly 15 yeas (minus a few ear changes). JT has used the same goggle frame, lenses and lower for a very long time. Typically in the paintball goggle space products have a lifespan of around 4 years. With something new and improved always on the horizon. With superior masks like the Dye I4, and V-Force Grill…

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