The best and only way to describe the Eclipse Gmek, is that it’s a mechanical version of the Gtek. I should also note that, as of now you can’t actually buy a Planet Eclipse Gmek, you are buying a frame. There are two way to do this thing, you can buy a Gtek that comes with the Gmek frame for $600, or just buy the frame for $130. At some stage Eclipse may release a…

I’m a big fan on the Planet Eclipse Gtek, and an even bigger fan of the resurgence of mechanical paintball guns and the interest in 10-man again. It is great to see Eclipse feeding those old guys like myself with something a bit old school. —Ordered Your Gmek Frame From BlackFridayPaintball.com— Planet Eclipse Gmek Frame – www.blackfridaypaintball.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=ECLIPSEGMEKFRAME&Click=887 — Support PBRML by checking out my Patreon page – www.patreon.com/paintballruinmylife —My Paintball Gear— Planet Eclipse Gtek – http://amzn.to/2jOrnMo…

Mikaël Provencher – What is your opinion on the gmek (Mechanical gtek presented by P.E.) what form do you think it should take and at what price? Jarrod Winn – How can some of these lower tiered teams better prepare for tournaments and individual matches? Jeff Pole – I can’t decide what elbow pads to get, do you have any suggestions?

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