GI Sportz


GI Sportz are getting back to what they used to do best, make quality paintballs. Back when GI Sportz accuired ProCaps/Draxxus they made some of the best paintballs in the game. Over the past few years GI Sportz quality has been all over the map. I’ve been up and down about the GI Sportz paintballs. I have had good batches and bad, its great one weekend then a little iffy the next. The one thing that…

For 2017 GI Sportz are updating their Jersey and Glide Pant line up with a tiger stripe pattern. They have already released the Race 2.0 Harness in four different tiger stripe colors and now GI are showing off some updated jerseys and Glide pants. From the looks of it the Glide pants look the same. The Jersey will be a first for GI Sportz as they have not released a jersey in a few years.

It seems like strapless is the new thing! We now have HK Army, Bunker Kings, Carbon and GI Sportz all making a variation of a strapless harness. The GI Race 2.0 harness has been a long time coming, the original Race harness had been in production for years with only minor changes. The new version of the Race harness features an all new strapless design with “Variable Pod Pocket Expandability”. From the looks of it the…

Empire just permanently slashed the prices on some of their most popular paintball guns. There has been no better time to buy and Axe, Axe Pro or Mini GS. New Price Empire Axe – $399.95 – 13% price cut Empire Axe Pro – $549.95 – 21% price cut Empire Mini GS – $299.95 – 21% price cut The new price for the Axe, Axe Pro and Mini GS are not specials or sales prices these are the new prices for the foreseeable…

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