ts that time of the year; new paintball things! This year we got a lot of new gear, new guns from Planet Eclipse and Empire; new loaders from Virtue and GI Sportz and plenty of new soft goods. There were a lot of new products to choose from this year; some choices were obvious while others took some mulling over. The only stipulations were that the product had to be released in 2016 or debuted…

A marker bag to end all other marker bags? Possibly. I love Exalt. They are one of the only innovative companies left in paintball. Exalt make high-quality, unique products at very competitive prices. (not an Exalt ad). I just really like them, OK. The newest addition to the Exalt case/bag line up is the Marker Bag. It’s nothing amazing, actually it looks scarily similar to the GI Sportz gun bags. Well really it looks nearly identical, just constructed a bit different.…

Lets face it paintball can be pretty hard on your body, all of that sliding, diving and kneeling your knees can take a pounding. Picking up a good pair of knee pads can make all the difference. Sure some paintball pants do have built in knee protection, but there is nothing like having a good pair of well fitting knee pads. Dedicated knee pads are designed to fit snugly on your knee and are made…

The leader in neato paintball products Exalt, have added a new product to their arsenal today. The Exalt Marker Sleeve. There are two sleeves one that will fit “modern” paintball guns ie CS1, M2, and “classic” paintball guns like autocockers and pump guns. Not that the sleeves are revolutionary but it is good to see them rehash and old product :cough: Redz. Sleeves start shipping soon and will sell for $24.95

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