Exalt Paintball


If you are that guy that is always breaking stuff you are in luck! (If you use barrel maids). Exalt just released a rebuildable barrel maid, you can buy the connector, buffer and rocket disc. Connector – $3.95 Buffer – $5.95 Rocket Disc – $5.95 I guess this is cool. I’m not sure how many people actually break barrel maids though, it seems that that best stolen or misplaced more often. I have broken a swab…

First I’ll say this, Exalt just released the best looking pads in paintball. They didn’t revolutionize the elbow or knee pad, but they have managed to make the best looking pads on the market. Previously Exalt offered just slider shorts and elbow pads. While the slider shorts look different from afar, the padding seems to be much the same. The FreeFlex elbow pads on the other had are much different, everything about them is different. …

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