Empire SYX


The SYX has a funky name because Empire has made 5 previous guns that have used the same platform. It started off with the original Mini back in 2006, then came the Empire Axe, Mini GS, Axe Pro and the Axe 2.0. When the Mini was launched back in 2006 it was priced at $325 and was priced to compete with guns like the Smart Parts Ion. At launch, the gun was a bit wonky…

www.youtube.com/watch?v=I08tII2CLIA Let’s take a look at the newest paintball gun from Empire the Empire SYX. Make sure to check back for a full review and shooting video. The 6th generation of the Empire Axe is here. This time with a much needed facelift. The SYX still uses a bolt system that is very similar, with a-few updates. Included is also the Driver-XX barrel that was found on the Axe Pro and Empire Vanquish. I have…

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