Edmonton Impact


youtu.be/1c5wtcqb12I PBRML Merch – pbrml.shop For clips and highlights of the stream subscribe to Ruined Clips â–¶ pbrml.com/clips —Time Stamps— 0:02:30 – Coronavirus affecting paintball 0:03:09 – MERCH! 0:05:30 – Eclipse LV2 Rumors 0:13:33 – Gold plated Eclipse 170R 0:22:53 – Using different types of grease 0:28:40 – NXL 2020 Pro Teams 0:30:56 – Los Angeles Infamous 2020 roster changes 0:32:39 – Tampa Bay Damage 2020 roster changes 0:33:38 – Edmonton Impact 2020 roster changes…

Last weeks paintball news. ◼️ HK Army Barrel Camera Mount – HK Army have released a barrel mount for GoPro cameras, or camera that use the GoPro mount system. The mount, works very similar to the original GoPro handle bar mount, but it is much smaller and made completely of aluminum. They come in five colors and are $29.95. ◼️ NXL Europe Basildon – In the UK we say another win by the Canadian team…

Raw practice footage of pro paintball team, Edmonton Impact as the get ready for the biggest paintball tournament in the world, the NXL World Cup. Would Cup is taking place November 2nd – 5th in Kissimmee Florida. Check out all the action at GoSports.com — Support PBRML by checking out my Patreon page – www.patreon.com/paintballruin… —My Paintball Gear— Planet Eclipse Gtek – http://amzn.to/2jOrnMo Empire Ultra 80/4500 – http://amzn.to/2ni6Cto GI Sportz LVL – http://amzn.to/2nkw1U2 Vforce Profiler – http://amzn.to/2qOJGUL Bunker Kings…

The Mediterranean Cup just wrapped up in the South of France, and Impact have taken home yet another Pro victory. Impact faced up against the TonTons in the finals, and ended up easily taking the victory 6-1. Results: CPL 1st Edmonton Impact 2nd Toulouse Tontons 3rd Breakout Spa SPL 1st Expendables Feilding (Dynasty) Division 1 Droogs Frankfurt 2 Division 2 Galapagos Tortugas Division 3 Paintball Family Puget Division 4 Ratpasse Marseille

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