Dye M2


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No Dye didn’t just come out with a new gun, they just updated the software to make it compatible with the new e.Voke ear piece. The M2 MOSAir will keep the same body, bolt, solenoid, barrel ect. The MOSAir software primary purpose is communicate with the e.Voke system, but along with that Dye has also added: Wireless Charging Power Off Double Tap Option Shot Tracker New Outlaw Firing Mode High Contrast Play Screens – White or…

This post will never be old! Whenever a new paintball gun comes out we will update this post with the latest paintball gun info. UPDATED: 03-11-17 One of the most common questions new paintball players has is, “What is the best paintball gun”; in this article we will hope to answer that. Picking a new or first paintball gun or marker (gun and marker are synonyms, or at least the mean the same thing when we talk paintball)…

The M2 has been one a few months now, so I guess Dye needs a spike it sales so here are some “Limited Edition” M2. The Royal Champagne, Endless Sky and the Ironmen. All Gun will come with the normal affair as well as two matching Dye Glass Fiber Boomsticks (.688 & .684). On Dye’s website it says “Website Exclusive” so it looks like theses will only be available through Dye at DyePaintball.com.

All you Dye M2 owners are getting an update! This Friday Dye will be releasing some new software of the M2. Dye listened to its customers and has added some features and switched up the way the menus navigate to make this a bit easier to use. Head over to http://www.dyem2.com/downloads/ to get the latest software up date Friday the 12th and 12PM EST.

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