Dye I5


It is here, just as Dye promised. TheeVoke is the news, so lets cover that first. What is theeVoke? The eVoke is an ear piece that when connected to your M2 MOSAir (more on this in another post) will tell you in-game information and help you run drills. In-game information will be: game timer, shot count and g-count by tapping a button (I’m guessing on the unit itself, on the inside of your mask? odd).…

Dye I5 with e.Voke info and pictures In just a few days Dye will be debuting the new I5 paintball mask, the successor to the extremely popular I4. We have asked and they wont tell us anything…so we know very little. From the silhouette Dye sent out the I5, looks to be very similar to the I4. The only hint is right above the lens, as it looks like there may be a refined lens retention system. The release of the…

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