After the success of the Dye DSR, Dye have released an upgraded version of the DSR the DSR+. The DSR+ features an updated ARC bolt, the ARC+, new bolt speed adjustment (Solenoid Flow Restrictor), redesigned battery door knob, new lever feed-neck and EDGE2 trigger.

Grab Your Dye DSR – https://goo.gl/WEAbmN The DSR is filling in a gap in the Dye lineup of paintball guns, Dye has the high-end side covered with the M2 and the entry-level covered with the Rize and Rize Maxxed. The DSR was created for one reason, to compete with the Planet Eclipse Gtek 160R and the Shocker RSX and XLS. Over the past 5 years or so Dye has been losing market share to Planet Eclipse,…

Lots of news this week! Dye DSR – It is finally here and it looks awesome. The Dye DSR is a whole new gun for Dye. New bolt, board, regulators, grips….everything is new. I have yet to get my hands on one but can’t wait until I do. Pre-Order your Dye DSR – http://www.blackfridaypaintball.com/SearchResults.asp?Cat=297&Click=887 Dye UL Pants – After uploading this video, I found out a bit more about the new Dye Pants. They will be…

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