This holiday season, pick yourself up a super limited edition Planet Eclipse CS1 or CSR. Over the next 14 days Planet Eclipse will be releasing some super limited edition fade CS1 or CSR, each day a new gun will hit the Planet Eclipse store. The guns will all be one of one, making them some of the rarest guns the company have ever produced. The colors have all leaked but the order at which they…

Update: 07-10-02 – The CSR is pretty old now, check out Planet Eclipses latest gun the CS2. Hello, CSR. Just as we (and most everyone else) expected the Planet Eclipse CSR, is a special edition CS1. The Planet Eclipse CSR is a heavily modified version of the CS1, the trigger frame, body, POPS on/off, trigger, eye covers and barrel is all unique to the CSR. At first glance the gun looks like a much more slimmed…

This post will never be old! Whenever a new paintball gun comes out we will update this post with the latest paintball gun info. UPDATED: 03-11-17 One of the most common questions new paintball players has is, “What is the best paintball gun”; in this article we will hope to answer that. Picking a new or first paintball gun or marker (gun and marker are synonyms, or at least the mean the same thing when we talk paintball)…

Ranger Warsaw are gearing up for their 2016 season start, in the Semi-Pro 1 division of the Millennium series. Last Month Ranger’s made a huge off-season pickup nabbing Marcello Margott. Love these guns, they really remind me of the Impact CS1 and Geo 3.5, with their huge graphics and clean colors.

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