Breakout Spa


Breakout Spa just added perhaps one of the best free agents on the market. Free agent for the Millennium, anyway. Fedorov’s move to Breakout Spa will be for the Millennium Series only and he will remain with Houston Heat for the NXL. Houston Heat will not be playing in the Millennium this year, thus allowing Fedorov and other Houston Heat players available for the European series. Breakout Spa lost Archie Montemayor earlier in the week.

Archie Montemayor paintball super star will be leaving his Belgium team and Joining, French team TontTon Flingueur (I don’t think they use the Flingueur part anymore, but they should). The move to the TonTons will only be for the Millennium Series in Europe; Montemayor will still be playing with San Antonio X-Factor in the states. Montemayor moves to the TonTons is likely because Alexander Berdnikov will be playing with Russian Legion in the CPL (Champions Paintball League).…

Edmonton Impact have won another paintball tournament, this time in France at the conclusion of the Millennium Series season. Along with winning the tournament, Impact also secured the series title, the award given to the team that ranks the highest at the end of the season. Impact matched up agains the TonTons, in the finals, the game was fairly un-eventful. Impact dominated the match with a 6-1 victory. Of all the matches played on Sunday…

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