azodin kp3


I have always been a huge fan of the Kp3. It’s a fantastic pump gun, and a great way to test out pump or to save a bit of money. The KP3 comes with a two-piece barrel, on/off ASA, lever feed-neck and has a super smooth pump stroke. All of the new colors are the non-SE models and will see a price jump from $229.95 to $249.95. Along with the price bump the KP3 will…

It took a bit longer then some of us would have liked, but Azodin finally showed off the hitman mod for their beloved KP3. Pretty clever design as well, it can be mounted two ways on the KP3. One side will give you a smooth surface to rest your fingers on and the reverse has groves to rest your fingers in. Coming in at just $19.99 this is an upgrade that all KP3 owners can jump…

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