Azodin Kaos II


The Azodin Kaos has always been one of the best entry-level paintball guns money could buy. The Kaos is reliable, dead simple and worked on the same basic pop valve that paintball guns have used for decades. Quite simply the Azodin Kaos just works. When it comes to getting your first paintball gun, there is one thing you should be looking for, reliability. Nothing worse than going to the paintball field for the first time…

The Azodin Kaos has been a favorite of paintball store owners and new players alike for nearly 5 years now. The Kaos is a great entry level paintball gun it’s reliable and affordable. The Kaos II looks like it will be much of the same while stealing a few ideas from its bigger brother the KDII. New Features: Camping Feedneck Improved Bottomline Preset Inline Regulator

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