Axe 2.0


Jason Hall – Every time I play paintball my goggles fog, how can I stop this? Vince Pace – I just picked up a carbon fiber tank, do I need a tank cover? Bob Ray – Hey, what’s the best paintball gun in the 300-450 range? —Products Mentioned In PBQT— FogDoc Anti-fog – amzn.to/2tg7sK4 Empire E-Flex – amzn.to/2ujVoMK Empire Axe 2.0 – amzn.to/2uaDeN9 Planet Eclipse Etha 2 – amzn.to/2sRLUnC Support PBRML by checking out my…

The most asked question in the history of Paintball Ruined My Life is….Etha 2 vs Axe 2.0. Lets break it down, Ill take a look at some of the key points on both of the tournament level paintball guns and give my opinions on both. —Gun In The Video— Empire Axe 2.0 – amzn.to/2sJWDjV Planet Eclipse Etha 2 – amzn.to/2sJHTla Support PBRML by checking out my Patreon page – www.patreon.com/paintballruinedmylife

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