Asia World Cup


For as long as I can remember (only a few years back) World Cup Asia has been held on the island of Langkawi off the coast of Northern Malaysia. This year the event is moving the capital city, Kuala Lumpur on October 21st – 23rd. This isn’t the firs time paintball has been played in Kuala Lumpur there have been PALS events in the past. For the first time in as may years as I can…

Nations Cup RaceTo-4 1- USA 2- France 3- Belgium 4- South Africa Division 1 RaceTo-4 1- AISAWAN 2- Cobra Kai 3- KTM Nemesis Legion 4- Infernal Division 2 RaceTo-3 1- Inception Aisawan 2- SPEED 3- Lost Votolocos 4- PC Gridlock Division 3 RaceTo-2 1- Imperia 2- Outlaws Uprising 3- Ariyaman Ladies 4- SPEED Overshoot Division 4 RaceTo-1 1- WTF Dragonflyz 2- MPJBT TIGERS 3- RWD Jogja 4- MPPP Resistance

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