I’m Not Sure What To Call This Yet

What is this?

“I’m Not Sure What To Call This Yet ” is a monthly game, where you can earn point to win free stuff!

At the of the month, the top player will get their choice of any product in the PBRML store. Along with the top winner there will also be a random drawing, anyone that participates through the month will have a chance to win an item of their choice.

How to get points:

To take part you must be a registered user. Register Here.

  • Take part in the weekly PBRML quiz. The quiz will go live Thursday at 7:30 PM PST, and go offline the following Thursday.
  • Come to the weekly PBRML live streams, Paintball Ruined My Night on Thursday at 7:30 PM PST for a chance to win extra bonus points. Make sure to have your user name on hand, so I can hand out points.

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