What is the best co2 tank size?

The three most popular co2 tank sizes are the 12oz, 20oz and 24oz tanks.

Before we decide what the best co2 tank size is, let’s think about how many shot we need to shoot. Because the CO2 tanks come in different volumes they can shoot differing amounts. Below you will see the average amount of shots that you can get from each of the three tanks sizes above.

  • 12oz tank – 600
  • 20oz tank – 1000
  • 24oz tank – 1200

After you think about weight, the filled 24oz will weigh much more and may not be suitable for smaller people. Below you can find a list of how much each CO2 tank weighs full with CO2..

  • 12oz tank – 1.875 lbs
  • 20oz tank – 2.6875 lbs
  • 24oz tank – 3.125 lbs

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