Green Bay Boom Dye Sponsorship

Dye and Boom Partner Up

Dye has picked up another team, this time Green Bay Boom. Last year Boom was head to toe Empire, we assume because of the GI Sportz acquisition of KEE, the decision was made to not pick up the team in 2016. Last year Dye sponsored only with head to toe spon...
generation kill GK paris paintball team

GK Paris Calling it Quits

After finishing in the middle of the pack for the last two seasons in the Millennium CPL division, GK Paris will be calling it quits. Below is a translation of a post the team made to their Facebook page. Dear friends, It's not without some bitterness th...
Dye M2 Software Update 2016

Dye M2 Software Update

All you Dye M2 owners are getting an update! This Friday Dye will be releasing some new software of the M2. Dye listened to its customers and has added some features and switched up the way the menus navigate to make this a bit easier to use. Head over to h...

UWL 2016 USA Schedule

Sunshine Open April 2-April 3, 2016 Tracks and Trails Punta Gorda, FL Maryland Open May 14-May 15 2016 OXCC Paintball Chesapeake City, MD D Day (5 man only) June 17, 2016 DDay Adventure Park Wyandotte, OK Tennessee Open July 23-July 24, 2016 B...

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