The Paintball Podcast

A New Paintball Podcast: The Paintball Podcast

A new podcast hit the internet a few days ag,o and good for us it’s called. The Paintball Podcast. Something that we have been missing for a long time is a podcast for paintball. For a short period of time there was Paintball Access but with the fall of the ...
Bunkerkings Royal Guard Elbow and Knee Pads

Bunkerkings Royal Guard Elbow and Knee Pads

Bunkerkings just showed a glimpse of what their new Royal Guard elbow pads look like. We have also confirmed that the new pad line will feature knee pads along with elbow pads. Virtue is following a trend right now in paintball to make apparel and padding ligh...

Exalt Marker Sleeves Modern and Classic

The leader in neato paintball products Exalt, have added a new product to their arsenal today. The Exalt Marker Sleeve. There are two sleeves one that will fit "modern" paintball guns ie CS1, M2, and "classic" paintball guns like autocockers and pump guns. Not...

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