NXL Adding New Bunkers?

It appears that the NXL and its WPBO partners the Millennium Series and PALS will be adding some new larger bunkers of the upcoming 2016 season. The biggest thing about the new field and upgrade kit, the 6 new big bunkers… they are designed and will be placed...
Planet Eclipse Etek 5 Review

Planet Eclipse Etek 5 Review: Poor Man’s LV1

There was one thought that came to mind when I first saw the Etek 5: It looks like an LV1, making the Etek 5 look like an LV1 does two things: it creates brand continuity and allows people who can't afford an LV1 the chance to pretend they have one. From a dis...
NXL Australia

NXL Going to Australia?

The NXL is coming to Australia, kind of. Not the real NXL but another division of Australia. Late last week we reported that the NXL and the CXBL were teaming up to share rules and series point standing in an effort by the NXL to unify paintball across the ...

Yosh Rau and 187 cRew CS1s!

The Planet Eclipse CS1 has been out for around a month now (although still sometimes hard to get ahold of), and the team and player guns are starting to roll out. As always these will be in limited supply to roughly 12-24 guns. If you like a design make sure t...

CBXL and NXL will be sharing series standing points

Earlier in the week the CXBL announced that they would be the exclusive partner to the NXL in Canada. Great news for those us that want to see a unified format for paintball around the world. Some interesting news that came out in the press release though is t...

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