Alex Goldman Impact

Alex Goldman Heads to Edmonton Impact

The off-season is underway and the moves have started. Alex Goldman has joined Edmonton Impact. After a stand out year with Los Angeles Infamous, Goldman in venturing north to join follow ex-Aftermath player Raney Stanczak. More interesting though is what t...
Azodin KP3 Hitman Mod

Azodin KP3 Hitman Mods

It took a bit longer then some of us would have liked, but Azodin finally showed off the hitman mod for their beloved KP3. Pretty clever design as well, it can be mounted two ways on the KP3. One side will give you a smooth surface to rest your fingers on and ...
planet eclipse cs1 bent frame

Bendgate: The CS1

Bending frame on todays super light and slim paintball guns isn't anything new. Over the past 6 years of so it has become a common scene at paintball fields all over the world. Making these guns lighter and smaller has it drawbacks the major one being, rigidit...
planet eclipse gtek blue

Planet Eclipse Gtek: A Cheaper Geo

It has been rumored for years, it is what the Etha should have been and it's finally here. Following on the extremely popular Etek 5, Planet Eclipse showed off the first ever Gtek today. The Gtek is Planet Eclipse latest push to try and capture more the mid-r...

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