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The HK Army is HK’s follow up to the very popular KLR. The KLR has been on the market for a long time, so HK are hitting us with something fresh the SLR. The SLR features a new larger profiles, magnetic chinstrap

All paintball masks are designed to fit the average adult head, but people’s heads are different in the real world. Typically having an adjustable goggle strap is enough to make sure one size mask will fit most adults. Sometimes smaller people or kids struggle to get the goggle strap tight enough to hold the mask in place, and it can ride down a little. By adding a top strap, the mask will stay up in place. Virtue’s second series of the VIO masks is here. Let’s take a look at the highest-end VIO the Contour II. The Couture II features Virtue’s new ProPad a padded that is on the goggle strap that helps adds some support and helps hold the mask firmly in place. I have been a fan of Virtue masks forever, they are made well and comfortable. I personally have never owned, one as I find that the… The BunkerKings CMD (Command), is BunkerKings first attempt at a big product. They have made pants, packs, and other various softgoods, but this is there first attempt at a complicated product. To help soften the blow, BunkerKings opted to go with an already established lens system, the system that is found on all the Virtue masks. Since the CMD is using a lot of Virtue parts, so it does have a very familiar feel…

➖Buy A Base Mask Here ➖ Base GS-O (Thermal) ➡ Base GS-F (Single) ➡ Base is a paintball company most of have probably have never heard of it’s Virtues lower end brand, that designed to fit the market the Virtues has never served. Overall I really like the Base, whether it is in the Single GS-F version or the GS-O, they extremely breathable, easy to clean, comes with great lenses and for the…

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