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HK Army have been making paintball harnesses for a long time, they have the Eject, HSTL, MagTek and Zero G harnesses. The Eject was the first HK harness it’s a standard high-end to mid-range harness, the HSTL line is the value harness that starts at only $40, the MagTek is a high-end strapped harness that uses magnets to keep the flaps on the harness up rather than Velcro and the Zero G a high-end strapless harness.

With a follow up to the Bunkerkings Fly pant, Bunkerkings are now bring up the Fly Elbow and Knees pads. The Fly pads are lightweight pads designed for tournament paintball play. Along with the elbow and knee pads, there are also a pair or slider short and a protection top that go along with the knee and elbow. —Current Prices— Bunkerkings Fly Knee ➡ Bunkerkings Fly Elbow ➡ Dye Knee ➡… HK Army have been making elbow and knee pads for about 10 years now, and this is their 3rd set. I have not historically I haven’t been a big fan of HK’s soft good, things like packs, pads, and pants. Over the past few years though, their products have improved and the quality has ticked up just a bit. While it’s great to see HK products made better, this is a trend that we… I have always been a fan of Bunker Kings, they make some of the highest quality and unique products in paintball. One of those products were their Supreme pants, they were one of the first paintball pants to be a little formfitting, and helped the trend of making paintball pants actually fit as pants should fit. For padded pants, they also were lightweight and encouraged movement. The Featherlite pants are an evolution on the…

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