Professional Paintball


Fresh off picking up super start Tyler Harmon, Houston Heat took down Impact at the second event of the year the Mid-Atlantic Major. Houston Heat played very well the entire event and many people favoriting going into Sunday. In the end the played Impact for the win, with a final score of 5-3. Konstantin Fedorov was the over all event kill leader thus winning the Golden Barrel. Tyler Harmon Chad GeorgeHarmon, Dizon, George, Hyde &…

The first Ultimate Shoutout is almost in the books, and as we wrap up the first event the 2nd round of players are being announced. The upcoming Ultimate Shoutout will features: Nick Slowiak, Chad Bouchez, Cody Mickowski, Fred Berkley, TJ Danner, Harrison Frye, Colt Roberts and Jeremy Zimmerman. The first event was all Texas guys, this time around the lineup is a little bit more diverse there are players from all over the US.

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