Paintball Accessories

This sections holds all the paintball products that don’t cleanly fit into a defined category. You can find all kinds of paintball thingys’ here.


Nummech Axe Pro VL Frame

Nummech Axe Pro VL Frames are entering production! We have always been fans of Nummech products, they have always looked to solve problems rather than just releasing random products with the hopes of making a f...

Nummech Axe Pro Prototype Frame

The guys over at Nummech are cooking up something new! We love the Empire Axe Pro, its a great marker, possibly one of the best ever made. My biggest complaint about the Axe Pro over the normal Axe is that the...
Azodin KP3 Hitman Mod

Azodin KP3 Hitman Mods

It took a bit longer then some of us would have liked, but Azodin finally showed off the hitman mod for their beloved KP3. Pretty clever design as well, it can be mounted two ways on the KP3. One side will give...