After about a 3 months wait the HK Army TFX has finally landed. The TFX is a big deal for HK, this is the first product that they have made that plain needs to work. This is also the most complicated and difficult product that they have had to produce. Coming on the heels of the KLR, HK needs to come though and the TFX needs to be rock solid. HK did something that seems…

It’s Back. The Shocker. The Shocker brand name has been around longer than most of you reading this, have been in paintball (myself included). The Shocker was one of the guns that started the electronic low pressure movement in the mid 90s. The shocker morphed along the way, from the SFT to the NXT and now SP is bring us the RSX short for resurrection (not to be confused with the Empire Resurrection). First lets…

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